Saturday, January 2, 2010

But we live in this world.... Part 2

Last wednesday i posted about the first reading of Mass of that day. Posted it because it struck me in a way. Especially the latter part as described in that post about distancing oneself from the world. This we find in the saints and in religious life in general. And not just Christian religion. A thought occurred to write this reading to a friend who is converting with his family from Protestantism to Catholicism. He is very much into finding the foundations in the Bible for Catholic standpoints so he can give a decent answer when confronted with questions and critizism. I dismissed the idea to write.

Now yesterday in Mass for some reason the ribbon for the first reading was not placed on the right day. The lector started reading and it took me a moment to realize, because it was in Dutch, that he was reading the exact same reading from wednesday. He told me afterwards he had been reading it realizing it was not the reading for that day but read it anyway because he thought that this was probably as the celebrating priest had wanted it. This was not the case. But when it was read and i realized this it was like huh?? What are the odds you are so busy with a text and then it pops up again due to an apparent misunderstanding about the reading?

Coincidence? An act of God? Anyway it gives me the distinct impression to look at it more closely and i will send it to this friend.

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